PLEASE NOTE: The extensions are shown facing the wrong direction. I will try to get some correct pictures up in the near future


Monster Hooks

Our take on Eccentric Hooks, also known as Weight Releasers

Sold as a pair.

Adjustable from ~19 inches to 36 inches, in 1-inch increments. (for taller individuals, squat extensions are available for purchase and allow an additional range of 37 to 51 inches)

Can be used on various lifts including bench press and squats.

Great for overloading the eccentric/negative portion of the lift.

Weight is stacked on each releaser and set on each end of the barbell.  At the bottom of the lift, the releasers kick off of the barbell and settle neatly on the ground (no falling over or rolling around).  In short, there is more weight on the barbell on the way down than on the way up.

Very hard to find in the USA.

If purchased from overseas, they will likely cost you $400+, after shipping.

$135.00 includes shipping! (to the lower 48 United States)

Add squat extensions for $25

Canada shipping charge $30.00

Check/Money Order

For those who wish to pay with a money order please email or call.  We will certainly accept them.

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