We are temporarily taking down the ability to order from our site. We have a number of new projects that we are working on and are focusing all of our efforts on them. Thank you for your understanding. If you need squat extensions for the eccentric hooks that you've previously ordered, send us an email and we'll help you out.
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Our Lightweight Football Bar Is Now Available!

Great for Rehab, training
Shoulder stabilizers and triceps!

Hang weights from bands and watch it shake when you try to lift. Finally a rehab bar for shoulder injuries that people with bad shoulders can actually use!!!!

$285.00 with free shipping to the lower 48!

A Custom Piece requested by a customer.

Spring-loaded Barbell!

Allows you to "stretch" or "shorten" the bar during presses.  Can be used for other lifts as well.  The 7-foot barbell features high-quality linear bearings and a 2-inch knurled grip. Holds Olympic sized weight plates.






Hold chains away from the weights so they don't take an awkward bounce or roll on you.

Great for deadlifting and Olympic pulls with chains!

Spring clip retains chain during ballistic movements like snatch pulls.

Custom sizes available.

$49.00 includes shipping!



Another customer request, custom made.

This is our version of a plate loaded wheelbarrow, it's less stable than a wheelbarrow and it REALLY WORKS THE CORE!!  Each handle moves independently and is independently loaded.  Do straight walking or for a greater challenge, set up cones to maneuver around.  It feels like you're wrestling as you walk.


Pendulum Dumbbell

Sold as a pair.

Smooth revolving handles on heavy-duty bearings are easier on wrists.

Sides flared for better forearm clearance.

Different center of mass than dumbells so the execise is neurologically different than with dumbells=training variation=new stimulus.

Olympic plate loadable.

Uses a retaining pin, so there is no need for collars.

Adds oscillation to many common execises

Train many different body parts. For example: Deltoid work, lunges/split squats, scapular stabilization exercises.....

Save hundreds over the cost of importing these. Made in USA!

See functionalfitmag.com put it to work:


Their blog is definitely worhth checking out.

Some custom orders we've worked on:

Thick handle dumbbell training made practical.
Adapters that turn ordinary dumbbells into thick-grip dumbbells.

All monster grips are individually hand made.
Monster Grips are made from a shatter-proof urethane that will provide you with performance for the long haul.

Redesigned and now available in BLACK  or RED!

What  customers are saying:

"Excellent. Great for grip training."  S.O., BC

"Awesome product. Better than I thought it would be. Super fast delivery."  B.M. , MA

"Ingenious idea- creative thinking and very useful- worth the $-fast ship" M.T.

"Great product and super service, thanks for everything. " M.B.

 The Newly Designed Full-Speed Device!

Our variation of a versatile, fully-adjustable tool used for pinpointing and accelerating through sticking points in a lift. It can also be used as another variation of accommodating resistance. Broken down, the Full-Speed Device can used as loading pins and and a very convenient, adjustable chain holders, used for attaching chains to a bar on a lift. The loops in the device strapping allow for adjustments in height and are designed to reduce stress in the seams, for durability.  High quality, specially designed springs are used to dampen the potentially jarring effects of hitting and additional load while accelerating, making it safer and more user-friendly.

Below is  an informal video showing it in action.



$165.00 (includes shipping to contiguous U.S.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The JackHammer!

Click on photo to order and for more informaion.

See it in action!

Please check out the link below for an article which incorporates this piece of equipment into a training program.  It's also a great resource worth visiting frequently.







Weight Releasers
Eccentric Hooks

(Please click on photo for more info and ordering.)

Also Available With Squat Extensions

PLEASE NOTE:  The extensions are shown facing the wrong direction.  I will try to get some correct pictures up in the near future

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